Minimum Wage Watch for 2016

Minimum Wage Watch for 2016

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Depending on the outcome of two Tacoma ballot measures on election day, November 3rd, that city’s minimum wage may rise.  If Initiative #1 passes, it will rise immediately to $15 per hour, and every year thereafter will rise according to the cost of living.  If Initiative #1B passes, it will rise on 2/1/16 to $10.35 and eventually plateau at $12 per hour.Vote smaller

On the other hand, Washington State’s minimum wage will stay at $9.47 per hour for 2016, only the second time it’s remained flat since 1998. For work in the city of Seattle, depending on your business size, the 2016 minimum wage will be $12.00-$13.00 per hour.

Our regional businesses may need a spreadsheet to keep track as more jurisdictions enter the minimum wage discussion.

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