Investing in the knowledge of your team
pays dividends in the future!

Staying “In The Know” Protects Your Team and Your Business

Your employees are skilled at what they do, there’s no doubt. They practice their craft daily. What about those things which employees may or may not know? Tidbits of knowledge to be used in the periphery of the job – laws to understand regarding supervision of employees, best practices on how to handle harassment, and ways to partner with HR and leadership when any of these topics (or others) arise.

We have your back! We provide training covering a range of topics, including:

HR 101 for Businesses

HR 101 for Supervisors

Avoiding Interview Pitfalls

Anti-Harassment Best Practices

Understand Hiring Practices for Second Chance Employees

CPR and First Aid Certification (meets WISHA compliance)

Mental Health First Aid Certification