Attitudes Change About Boomerang Employees

Attitudes Change About Boomerang Employees

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Boomerang (1)As the economy improves and the talent pool shrinks, we are all working harder to recruit great people. Has your company changed its attitude about rehiring former employees? A recent survey of 1,800 human resources (HR) professionals by the Workforce Institute at Kronos revealed that 75% will now consider hiring “boomerang” employees. Of the group surveyed, 85% had received applications from former employees in the last five years, and 40% had hired about half of those who applied.

Joyce Maroney, director at The Workforce Institute at Kronos commented on this trending topic,stating “In an age defined by social media and job hopping, it’s much easier for employees to search for new opportunities and equally as easy for recruiters to poach talent from competitors. This fierce competition could be contributing to the changing mindset about boomerang employees. With this boomerang trend on the rise, it’s more important than ever for organizations to create a culture that engages employees – even long after they’ve gone – and organizations should consider how the boomerang employee factor should affect their off-boarding and alumni communications strategies for top performers.”

Clearly the changing economy has changed the attitudes about employees who’ve left and now want to return. We can’t afford to overlook talented and qualified people. Here’s our advice on how to pick a peach and not a bad apple