Why Use WSW?

Employers choose West Sound Workforce.

We Connect Local Employers With Top Talent

West Sound Workforce is a locally owned and operated Pacific Northwest staffing service. Our detailed understanding of the needs of local businesses and dedication to providing world-class staffing solutions on a local level make us a trusted partner.

Our Staffing Services Give Employers:

More Time And Money:

Hiring is expensive and time-consuming – especially in a tight talent market. West Sound Workforce takes care of advertising, recruiting, and interviewing as part of our services. As employer of record for our temporary employees, we are fully responsible for processing payroll and paying unemployment taxes, complying with appropriate leave laws, etc.

A More Powerful Hiring Process:

Our experienced staffing specialists have access to specialized and targeted recruiting tools and maintain an enormous database of qualified talent. We can provide you with great candidates you’re unlikely to find on your own.

Human Resources Support:

We stay up to date on ever-changing employment laws so that you don’t have to. You can rely on us to take the guesswork out of any employment issues or questions that you have.

Top Local Talent:

We maintain a vast applicant database of the region’s job seekers. Our applicants undergo a rigorous screening process, including skills testing, personal interviews and reference checks. Additionally, we use the government’s powerful E-Verify system to confirm that every employee is eligible to work in the United States. We ensure that you are only presented with top-notch candidates who possess the qualifications you are seeking.


Flex your workforce as needed to adapt to demand, even on short notice. We offer a variety of staffing solutions to meet your company’s changing needs.

Local, Personal Service:

As a small local business, we have a specialized focus on the needs of area businesses. We give you flexible, personalized customer service that can’t be duplicated by faceless staffing franchises. We know you are a valuable member of our community, and we feel personally invested in meeting your employment needs.