The Shrimp Tank Podcast Features Mental Wellness!

The Shrimp Tank Podcast Features Mental Wellness!

Coach Clay Blackwood - Head Shot

The Shrimp Tank podcast, known for featuring entrepreneurs and business-savvy individuals, took a turn to focus on something that’s been an issue in the workplace for decades: mental health and wellness in the digital age. Employers are aware and continue to search for resources and ways to support the mental wellbeing of their workforce. Listen in to West Sound Workforce’s CEO Monica Blackwood (who co-hosts the podcast monthly) and the company’s trainer, Clay Blackwood, talk about a variety of mental wellness topics and situations for business and life, including Mental Health First Aid training.

Navigating Mental Wellness in the Digital Age with Clay Blackwood | The Shrimp Tank (

Looking to bring Mental Health First Aid training into your business?  West Sound Workforce can help you with this, or a number of other employee/HR-related topics!  More information can be found on our website’s training page.