Views on Drug Testing Unemployed Workers Changing

Congress recently overturned a regulation passed in 2012 which narrowly defined when states could drug test applicants for unemployment insurance. This 2012 rule only permitted drug testing in two circumstances. When an unemployed worker lost their job due to illegal use of drugs … Continued

How to Fire Remote Workers

  Many companies now use employees who work remotely. I’ve written about managing, engaging, and motivating remote workers — but how do you fire people who don’t physically work in your company? Do you text them? Send them an email? … Continued

2017 Changes Employers Need to Know About

2017 has arrived, and like every new year, it brings important changes employers need to know about! Minimum wage increases: Washington’s minimum wage increased to $11.00 an hour on January 1st. Are there exceptions? Yes, of course there are! If you … Continued

How to Stop Workplace Bullying

The current presidential race has often been overtaken with name calling and bullying tactics. Many workplaces are taking this as an opportunity to reexamine their policies on harassment and the hostile work environment. Is bullying ever acceptable in the workplace? … Continued