Staffing, Entrepreneurship the focus of The Shrimp Tank

Staffing, Entrepreneurship the focus of The Shrimp Tank


What is staffing all about, anyway?  What makes entrepreneurs want to enter this field?  What’s top of mind for business leaders, no matter the industry?  Check out the latest Shrimp Tank podcast where Dan Weedin and our Monica Blackwood jump in with Shobi Zeitlow, an industry colleague of Monica’s from Wisconsin!

Monica is a regular co-host of The Shrimp Tank in the Pacific Northwest market, a podcast for entrepreneurs and business leaders. You never know who they’ll have and what they’ll talk about because, well, as entrepreneurial hosts, they are charting the course as they go as well!

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Link to Shobi’s interview with Monica and Dan: Starting and Running a Successful Staffing Business with Shobi Zietlow | The Shrimp Tank (

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