Hello and Goodbye: West Sound Workforce Has a New Boss!

Hello and Goodbye: West Sound Workforce Has a New Boss!

It’s time to say hello and goodbye!

After owning and running West Sound Workforce for 20 years, Julie Tappero is ready to retire.

Rest assured that Julie has put a great deal of thought and energy into guaranteeing that your staffing needs will continue to be well served.

Meet West Sound Workforce’s new owner:


We are thrilled to introduce you to Monica Blackwood!

  • Monica has been the Director of Administration and a Principal at Rice Fergus Miller in Bremerton for the past 16 years.
  • She is a highly experienced business executive and human resource professional.
  • You may already know Monica, who is very involved and visible in the Kitsap community and throughout the Puget Sound region.

We’re still the same West Sound Workforce!

Monica will continue West Sound Workforce’s commitment to investing in our community by catering to local businesses and job seekers.

As a long-time client of West Sound Workforce, Monica understands the value of our services and is dedicated to maintaining the same level of professionalism and customer service that you depend on for your business to succeed.

What you need to know:

  • Julie Tappero will be retiring, but shall remain available to West Sound Workforce to assist them during the transition.
  • Your staffing needs will continue to be served by the same recruiters and administrative staff with whom you now work.
  • Our office operations will remain in their current locations in both Gig Harbor and Poulsbo.

Thank you for the confidence and loyalty you have provided over the years and for your continued relationships in the future!