I-9 Form Changes are Headed Our Way!

I-9 Form Changes are Headed Our Way!

The government is giving us I-9 form changes just in time for the holidays! The I-9 form we currently use actually expired in March of 2016. We’re well overdue for an updated form!

The new version will finally be available next month, no later than November 22nd. Check out our quick overview of everything you need to know about the I-9 form changes headed your way!

i-9 form changesWhat I-9 form changes can you expect to see?

USCIS, who manages this process, has now included error checking features to help eliminate some of the common mistakes that both employees and employers make.

For example, it will validate that the correct number of digits have been entered for a social security number or expiration date for a document.

It will now include drop down lists and calendars to choose from. Instructions are embedded in fields to provide explanations.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new I-9 forms:

USCIS will give employers until 1/21/17 to adapt to the new version of the form.

Start watching for the new version to come out. I-9 paperwork violations can cost up to $2,156 per I-9. That’s an expensive mistake!