Julie Tappero

President and Owner

Julie Tappero

Julie Tappero is the President, CEO, owner, and big kahuna of West Sound Workforce.

Julie loves all things related to putting people to work! She’s a fanatical volunteer and can be found serving on Boards related to economic development, workforce development, human resources, and a bunch of other stuff.

She loves current events, camping in her trailer, and the Seahawks, and is known far and wide as a fine shoe connoisseur.

Sue Haugan

Business Development Manager

Sue Haugen, Business Development Manager

Sue Haugan, the newest member of the West Sound Workforce team, brings over 25 years of staffing experience to her role as Business Development Manager.

Sue has worked with premier northwest clients as a staffing partner and loves creative solutions. Sue’s programs have been instrumental in helping companies reach seasonal hiring goals based on quality, productivity, and retention.

As an active participant in Industry and Community Associations, Sue is involved with Staffing Management Association, SHRM, Customer Service and Support Professionals, Northwest Recruiter Association, and Staffing Association of WA.

Sue is passionate about people, and she’s a dedicated gardener who can’t get enough of the great outdoors.

Lora Kelly

Director of Recruiting

Lora Kelly

Lora Kelly is celebrating her 15th year as the Director of Recruitment at West Sound Workforce. She plays Spock to Julie Tappero’s Captain Kirk.

Lora is a veteran recruiter with 24 years in the industry. She believes jobs build self-esteem and community, and connecting people with jobs is her mission on this planet!

Behind the scenes she is an avid horse woman. She loves driving her big Ford truck around with lots of dogs in the back seat.

Diana Bertram


Diana Bertram

Diana has been recruiting her entire life, first as a business owner for 20 years, and then in the staffing industry for almost as long. She has seen it, heard it, and done it all!

She has a sixth sense for who fits where, so if she tells you she’s found the perfect person for your job, do a happy dance, because she knows what she’s talking about!

Crystal Nixon


Crystal Nixon, West Sound Workforce Recruiter

Crystal Nixon is a Kitsap County native who graduated from South Kitsap High School in 2002 and went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a concentration in Human Resources Management.

She found herself drawn to HR, because of the satisfaction she feels every time she perfectly matches a company’s needs with a job seeker’s desires and career goals. She has a high energy, dynamic personality and loves a challenge (and challenging personalities!).

Like everyone at West Sound Workforce, Crystal can find humor in just about anything. “I have high expectations for performance and professionalism — however, you’ve got to know when to drop it all and take a cartwheel break.”


Lynnea Tweed

Senior Recruiter

Lynnea Tweed

Lynnea is the best dancer at West Sound Workforce. When she isn’t beating all her coworkers in dance-offs, she is a passionate Senior Recruiter who’s been in HR for over 15 years. She loves that her job is to put people to work in her local community.

Lynnea is involved with several Chambers of Commerce, serves as a committee chair for the South Kitsap Relay for Life, and volunteers for The Admiral Theatre Foundation.