West Sound Workforce Doggie Howliday

West Sound Workforce Doggie Howliday

Here at West Sound Workforce, we wholeheartedly subscribe to the theory that spending time in the company of animals is good for the soul (except for wolverines, who really bum us out with their vicious temperaments and propensity for smoking stinky cigars and swearing like sailors).

That’s why every year we have a Doggie Howliday – it’s a special day where our employees get to bring their dogs to work with them.  And it’s our favorite day of the year!

(Note:  We are not trying to discriminate against cats.  It’s just that they don’t respond well to being on leashes, and, more importantly, they fail to provide us with the opportunity to create a pun as completely awesome as “howliday”.  Like it or not, “meowliday” just doesn’t have the same satisfying ring to it.)

Check out some of the pictures of our canine-centric celebration!

Santa with an armload of puppies.
Santa gallantly hides his disappointment over the small size of the turnout for his reindeer auditions.
Leeloo and Olive, WSW Mascots
Leeloo & Olive are WSW’s top flea-cruiters. If you need a flea, whether temporarily, permanently, or on a temp-to-hire basis, they can place one on you in no time! In fact, they may have done so already!
Santa and the whole Doggie Howliday crew.
Santa is planning on converting his entire elf workforce to canine labor by the end of 2011.  Prepare your children in advance for the fact that their toys will now be built by creatures who don’t have opposable thumbs.
Olive Awesomeness, the world's greatest paperweight.
At West Sound Workforce, all of our employees are now using a revolutionary new kind of paperweight!  (Patent pending.)