“Good Morning America” Recommends Temporary Employment

“Good Morning America” Recommends Temporary Employment

The following is excerpted from an article which was sent to us by the American Staffing Association (ASA) in its February 1st issue of Staffing Week.

Temporary employment through an ASA member staffing firm is a great option for job seekers, according to “Good Morning America” correspondent Tory Johnson.  That’s one of the messages she shared during the Jan. 25 “Get a Job in January” segment with George Stephanopoulos.

“It seems that all the action right now [is] in temporary jobs,” said Stephanopoulos.  “In the past six months, 200,000 temporary jobs [were] created,” he added.

Johnson agreed, citing ASA data as well as anecdotal information the association had collected from its board of directors: “The ASA leadership…said that they still feel very positive about strong growth between now and July, adding up to about 300,000 positions.”

To find those positions, Johnson recommended that job seekers visit americanstaffing.net where they can search for staffing firms’ contact information.  The accompanying article on abcnews.com provided a direct link to the job seekers search engine on the ASA web site.

The GMA web article also referred to a study by labor law firm Littler Mendelson, which predicts that temporary and contract employees and consultants will fill half the jobs created during the economic recovery.  “Temporary jobs are a smart place to look right now,” Johnson wrote.