Workers Can Donate Unused PTO to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Workers Can Donate Unused PTO to Hurricane Harvey Victims

donate unused PTO to hurricane harvey victimsHave you felt helpless as you watch the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the suffering of the poor people affected?

Do you wish you could do more to help?

Here’s a simple thing your company and your employees can do to make a big difference!

The IRS is allowing employees to donate the value of unused sick, vacation or PTO leave between now and 1/1/19 for hurricane relief.

How to donate unused PTO to the IRS hurricane relief system:

Donating is pretty simple.

  • The employee designates how much leave they’re donating.
  • The company turns that into a cash donation and gives that to a non-profit organization providing relief to victims of Hurricane Harvey.
  • The company takes it as a business expense.
  • The employee cannot take it as a charitable contribution, but they are not subject to income or social security taxes on the money contributed.

Sometimes our employees are faced with use it or lose it at the end of the calendar year. How about using it for a great cause instead? The applicable IRS Notice is #2017-48.