Yes! Get the Job. Now!

Yes! Get the Job. Now!


The job market, hands down, has been in your favor. You are the job seeker, and willing to go back to work for the right things. Those things vary of course and are very personal to you. It may be the right pay, or the right schedule flexibility, or the right mission, or because you want to have some interaction with people over the age of 10 while your children are preparing to be at home for the summer. Whatever the reason, NOW is the time to be jumping on your job search.

Here are a few reasons why

    • Employers are getting ready to pull their “Now Hiring” signs. Yes, they have gone so long with unstaffed positions that they’ve had to do other things. That means they’ve permanently shifted their operating hours to reflect the availability of staff they currently have, or they’ve automated aspects of positions so that the staff is more efficient. Whatever the reason, many employers have now adjusted to what their operations look like with unfilled positions and are looking to take care and not burn out their existing staff. Being able to jump into the workforce now, while there’s still flexibility for companies to adjust and expand for a larger team, is beneficial to you, but it won’t be around for long. Play your cards right and get in now while there’s still leverage on your side.
    • Degrees don’t matter. A recent study by LinkedIn shows that “curiosity” is the skill to have right now, ranking at 72% of what company leadership look for in a candidate. Regardless of your educational background, showcase your interest in learning things and understanding issues and complexities of tasks in order to land the job. Maintaining a curious state of mind is the differentiating asset you can provide, and that leads to stronger business performance and success for the organization as a whole.
    • Being employed today is better for your tomorrow! Maybe it’s not about the hourly wage or salary, but wow, those benefits that set you up for a comfortable future are where it’s at! Take advantage of an employer’s retirement benefits and set aside what you can. That investment will make a more secure future for you in the long run. Coming back from the pandemic, you may have learned how to manage on a smaller income, and that’s fantastic. It’s allowing you to be home, do your thing… but, what about working even just part time to make your future easier? This is the way to do it!
    • Capitalize on the vast opportunities available now. The “Great Resignation” is happening, but 90% of those quitting are 55+. The other 10% have quit, yes, but it’s because they took another job – not left the workforce. Find the role you want now and get it. Otherwise, it’ll be taken up by another soon, or it’ll vanish because employers have found another way to accomplish their goals.

Has it been a while since you’ve looked for a job?  Are you having trouble getting responses on submitted applications? That’s why we’re here! Get in touch with us and we’ll help you maximize your materials and assist you in your hunt.