Stop Living on Borrowed Money!

Stop Living on Borrowed Money!


Attending a conference just before the end of the year, I heard an alarming set of statistics:  in the last 18 months, one quarter of Americans have funded their livelihood by using their savings, another quarter has lived off of credit cards, another 25% has used resources from family/friends.

What I see is that 50% of us are living off borrowed money, which may or may not be able to be paid back.  That’s a bit scary.  Add that to the idea that another 25% of us are dwindling our savings – that’s even more scary!

I ponder this against the question “Why are so many not in the workforce?”

I don’t have an answer.  I suspect it’s truly a bunch of answers that make up the reasoning.  Regardless, so many of us are trying to live without a steady stream of income.

It’s time to fix that.  Those entering the workforce now have a great opportunity, since the market is still employee friendly.  There are at minimum 4 jobs for every person seeking employment right now.  Companies are looking for team members, are willing to train, and are open to discussing flexibility (in a number of ways).  New protections and updates to minimum wages have gone into effect with the change of the year.

The equation is in your favor.  Make the first move – apply!