Filling Out Your Time Card

  1. Company Name: Write the name of the company at which you are working.
  2. Employee Name: Write your name.
  3. Week Ending Sunday: Write the date of the Sunday that follows the first day of the week that you worked. For example: If you worked on Monday, September 1st and Tuesday, September 2nd, your week ending date is Sunday, September 7th. Write it in MM/DD/YY format: 9/7/08.
  4. Accident/Injury: Check the appropriate boxes to indicate whether or not you’ve had an on-the-job injury during the workweek, and whether or not you sought medical attention for any injury that occurred.
  5. Employee Signature: Sign your name.

Noting Your Hours

After each day you work:

  • Write the date, time you started, time you finished, and the number of minutes you took for lunch in the appropriate boxes
  • Calculate the total number of hours you worked, round to the nearest quarter-hour, and write this number in the “Hours” box
    For example: 6 hours and 5 minutes becomes 6 hours; 6 hours and 10 minutes becomes 6.25 hours

At the end of the week:

  • Add all of the hours you worked and write the total in the “Total hrs.” box
  • Have your supervisor complete and sign the Client section of your time card

Note: A supervisor’s signature is required for timely processing

Submit Your Time Card

Your time card is due by 5:00 pm on Monday: If you turn your time card in after the 5:00 pm deadline on Monday, your paycheck will be delayed by one week.

Incorrect or incomplete time cards: Time cards that are missing required information or that have errors will take longer to process and may delay your paycheck.

Make sure your time cards are neatly and correctly completed, and that they are signed by the client. Contact us right away if you are having difficulty obtaining a client signature.

  • The white sheet: West Sound Workforce’s copy
  • The pink sheet: Your copy
  • The yellow sheet: Client’s copy

Other Information

  • Keep a copy of your time card for your records: Save a copy of every time card to retain proof of all of your hours worked. The pink sheet is yours to keep.
  • If you work for more than one client a week: You will need to submit a separate time card for each client that you work with during a week.
  • Overtime: You will be paid overtime if you work more than 40 hours in a week. The client company MUST approve overtime in advance.
  • Meal breaks: State law requires that you be offered a minimum of 30 minutes for a meal break if you work more than 5 consecutive hours. If you choose not to take a meal break, write “voluntarily waived” in the lunch box for that day on your time card. You will then need to sign a Meal Break Waiver as a record of your decision. If you are being refused a meal break, contact West Sound Workforce as soon as possible.
  • Having your check mailed: We will mail your paycheck to the address you put on your W-4 form. Checks are mailed on Wednesdays and generally arrive by Friday or Saturday. We cannot control what happens once a check is put in the mail.  We are unable to re-issue a pay check until 2 weeks have transpired from the original date of issue.  If you do not receive your check and wish to have it reissued prior to the end of the 2-week period, you will be charged a Stop Payment fee (currently $32.00).  If, at the end of the 2-week period, you deem the check to be lost, you will be asked to sign a release form so we may reissue the check.
  • Having your check held: Checks are available for pick up on Fridays after 8:00 am. You may have another person pick up your check for you if you notify us beforehand to make arrangements.