Here are some resources that should help you create a professional resumé.

How to Create a Resumé using this Template:

Note: This template works best with a computer equipped with Microsoft Word. We also have an example resumé you can use for inspiration.

    1. Download and save the resumé template (Word document) onto your computer.
    2. You will want to save and rename the document so you will remember where to find it!   Open the template and choose “Save As” and name your document. For example: Smith George Resume
    3. Once your template is renamed and saved, you can begin to make it your own by filling in the details! Just highlight the text and begin typing to put your personal information in.
    4. Under GENERAL SKILLS – here you will want to make a brief list of your skills, capabilities, and knowledge, learned from school and/or jobs you’ve held. Such as:
      • MIG/TIG Welding
      • Customer Service
      • Ability to lift up to 75 lbs
      • Strong attention to detail
      • Experience with CNC machines, Lathes, etc.
    5. It is best to keep your information brief, simple and detailed in order for the employer/reader to determine if you possess the skills they are seeking! Consider they read MANY resumes daily! You want yours to stand out!
    6. Under EXPERIENCE – here you want to list your employers (name, city, and state), job title, dates of employment, and a brief explanation as to your key responsibilities while in that position. You will want to note your most recent position first, then work backward. Such as:
      • South Sound Electronics, Kirkland, WA, Electronics Tech     7/2015 – 8/2016Responsible for assisting the Journeyman Electrician with the wiring of small engine components. Utilize various tools such as wire clamps and volt testing devices, etc.
      • Rocky Bay Mountain Bikes, Port Orchard, WA, Customer Service   3/2015 – 7/2015Responsible for assisting customers to select precision mountain bikes, provided explanations as to the bike’s capabilities, terrain use, etc. Placed orders, collected payments and assisted customers with returns, replacements, and repairs.
      • Etc…
    7. Under EDUCATION – List your pertinent* education here. Such as:
      • Bates Technical College – Welding Program Graduate 2/2013 – 6/2015
        Certificate of Completion in MIG/TIG/STICK, etc.
      • Happy Camper High School – Diploma or GED (no dates required for High School!)
      • *If you have a certificate as a Hair Stylist, but are applying for a Welder, that would not be considered pertinent, so best not to list it!!
    8. Save your document as you go, so you don’t lose anything! You will want to go back in, review and update the document to make sure everything is correct. Mainly do your best to make it clear, concise, readable and pertinent to the position you are applying for!
    9. Now, once you’ve completed your E-Screen on our website, you will be asked to attach your resume and our system will walk you through the process … just follow the instructions to upload your new resume!

Thank you! We are looking forward to knowing more about you!