This page contains questions that Job Seekers ask about our services. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us.

General Info About Our Services

What services do you offer?
West Sound Workforce offers both short and long-term temporary assignments, as well as temp-to-hire and direct hire positions.
Why work with West Sound Workforce?
West Sound Workforce is a special staffing service that is unique in its dedication to employing local citizens with local employers. We believe that long commutes erode your quality of life and deprive local employers of the great skills you have to offer. We have been connecting local residents with local businesses for over twenty years, and look forward to doing the same for you!
Do your services cost me anything?
No! Our services are entirely free for our job seekers.
What regions do you staff?
We are committed to placing our job-seekers with local companies. We work with clients in the Tacoma, Gig Harbor, North and South Kitsap, and Bainbridge Island regions.
What kinds of jobs do you staff?
We perform a wide variety of staffing placements in a wide variety of industries, including general office, executive and administrative assistants, accounting, bookkeeping, customer service, legal, management, IT, sales and marketing, medical office, engineering, finance, production, construction, and skilled and general labor, etc.  See our Job Listings.
How do I find out about specific jobs you have available?
Our Job Listings are always kept up to date. If you’d like to be automatically notified of new positions, you may subscribe to one of our RSS feeds.
How do I apply?
Our Apply Now page has instructions for applying with West Sound Workforce.
Are the skills listed in the “Required” sections of your job postings actually required?
Yes, any skills that are listed in a job posting’s “Required” box are mandatory for that position, and we cannot consider you if you do not possess them. These are skills that our clients specifically request, and for which they are not willing to make exceptions or provide training.
How do I submit my resume?
Our Apply Now page has directions on how to submit your resume and apply for positions.
Do I need a resume to work for you?
Yes. Most of our clients wish to review resumes before making a hiring decision.
Do you offer assistance creating resumes? How do I format my resume?
No, we do not provide personal one-on-one assistance with creating resumes. However, we offer a series of helpful articles with resume formatting tips. For additional help, we also recommend contacting your local Worksource office.
Do you offer benefits?
Yes! We are proud to provide benefits to all of our employees, including those on temporary assignments.
Do you provide software tutorials?
Yes, we offer free software tutorials to anyone who is registered with us. We provide online tutorials for the most popular software packages. Contact us for more information.
I am relocating soon. Can I apply now for a job in the region I’m moving to?
Because most of our clients require in person interviews, we encourage you to apply for positions once you have moved to the area.
What is your minimum age requirement?
You must be at least 18 years of age to work for West Sound Workforce.

Questions about the Interview Process

What happens during the interview?
When your interview is scheduled you will be sent a confirmation email with instructions, a link to our online application, and any applicable skills tests. You will need to complete the application and any assigned tests prior to your interview. If you are unable to access the online materials, please contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements. When you arrive at our office, you will have a formal interview with a recruiter and complete any remaining forms. Read our Interview Tips article for helpful advice.
What skills tests will I be taking?
Our tests vary based upon the position and industry you’re interested in. Generally for most office-related work, you will be tested on your knowledge of Word and Excel, your typing, data entry and 10-key speeds, and your basic office skills.

Questions about Timecards & Paychecks

How do I fill out my timecard?
View our Timecard Instructions page for assistance.
Who pays me?
You are West Sound Workforce’s employee, and you are paid by us.
How often do I get paid?
We pay our employees every Friday.
How do I get paid? Do you offer direct deposit?
Employees are paid weekly on Fridays. You may sign up for direct deposit or a Wisely Cash Card. For more information on Wisely Cash Cards, please see below. To sign up for direct deposit, you will need to fill out an eDocument online through the Employee Portal. Pay stubs will be emailed every Wednesday and are also available in the Portal.
How and when do I report my hours in order to be paid on time?
Your time card needs to be submitted by 5:00 p.m. each Sunday for work you did the previous week. Instructions for completing your time card can be found here.
When will I get paid if I missed the payroll cutoff time?
If you fail to turn your timecard in before the Sunday 5:00 p.m. deadline, it is possible that we will not be able to process your paycheck until Friday of the following week.
My supervisor is out of the office and cannot approve my timecard. What do I do?
Let us know this as soon as possible, and we’ll take care of the issue.
I didn’t get paid. What do I do?
Contact us immediately so that we may resolve this issue.
Something on my paycheck is incorrect. What do I do?
Contact us immediately so that we may promptly correct any errors.
Where do I find out more about Wisely Cash Card payment?
Visit our Wisely Cash Card information page.

Questions for Current Employees

When I accept a job, who am I working for?
You are West Sound Workforce’s employee.
I have questions about my assignment. Who do I call?
If you have any questions or concerns about your assignment, contact one of our recruiters immediately.
The company you assigned me to wants to hire me full time, what do I do?
Notify West Sound Workforce immediately and we will facilitate your placement with our client.
What do I do if I am not able to go to my assignment as scheduled?
Call your recruiter immediately. You are West Sound Workforce’s employee and you must notify us. We will then relay the information to the client. You may contact the client company, but you MUST contact us.
I’ve accepted another position. What do I do?
Notify your West Sound Workforce recruiter immediately. We expect you to provide two weeks notice if you are on a long-term position. For all other positions we require enough advanced notice for us to find a suitable replacement.
Where can I view the employee handbook?
You may view our employee handbook.

Questions for Former Employees

I used to work for you or be registered with you. How do I reapply?
We are always excited to have an opportunity to assist you with your employment search. If you are interested in working with us again, please contact us either by phone or via email to let us know of your availability. You should also reapply so that we have updated information and a current resume on file for you.
I need a reference or employment verification. What do I do?
We are happy to provide references or employment verification. To obtain a reference or employment verification, please contact our Human Resources department. Remember that West Sound Workforce was your employer and not the client with whom you were placed. Do not contact the client.
A client I previously worked for through you has contacted me directly and offered me a job. What should I do?
You must contact West Sound Workforce immediately. You have signed an agreement that states that you will neither seek nor accept job offers from client companies with whom you were previously placed by us, for a period of one year following the end of your assignment. Our clients have also signed a similar agreement.

Updating Contact & Availability Information, Miscellaneous

How do I notify you when my contact information has changed?
You may call us, email us, or submit your new contact information using the form on our Contact Us page.
How do I let you know when I’m available for work?
You can notify us of your availability by email or phone, or by filling out the form on our Contact Us page.
How do I let you know when I’m no longer available for work?
When you are no longer available for work, please notify us by phone or email, or by filling out the form on our Contact page.
How can I change my W4 form?
Contact us to make arrangements to change your W4 form.
When do you mail W2 forms?
We mail W2 forms by the end of January.
When will I hear back from West Sound Workforce after my resume has been submitted to a client for consideration?
We encourage you to follow up with us about your status.
When will I hear back from West Sound Workforce after I have interviewed with a client?
It is a good idea to contact your recruiter after your interview so that the two of you can discuss it. Try to call within 48 hours, so that you don’t forget any important details.