Task Orders Received:

Under contract N00178 12-D-7117, all Seaport-e task orders will be listed here.

Team Composition:

At this time, West Sound Workforce has no standing teams for Seaport-e contracts.  This section will be updated with comprehensive data about any teams we begin working with to provide our clients with the best staffing services possible.

Quality Assurance:

West Sound Workforce maintains a Quality Assurance program utilizing a two-step approach, to ensure that we provide the best staffing services to our clients at all times.


Our client-support infrastructure and job order construction process ensures that we know the specific details of our clients’ needs

Our seasoned recruiters lead our clients through an in-depth intake process that allows us to develop a detailed understanding of not just the demands and requirements of the positions they need filled, but also the complexities of our clients’ businesses from top to bottom, inside and out.

We utilize written job descriptions and scope of work documents to thoroughly understand our clients’ requirements.  This is combined with face-to-face meetings with our clients to understand their organizations’ physical environments and company cultures.

Through regular reporting, team meetings, and project milestone recaps, we ensure that our projects stay focused and on-target.

Once we have placed an employee in a position, we maintain regular communication with both the client and the employee, ensuring that we continue to understand and meet our clients’ needs, and that we can instantly address and rectify problems as soon as they arise.  We find that this approach not only guarantees our clients’ satisfaction, but often even enables us to anticipate problems before they happen.


People — employees — are our product, and we use a rigorous process to find only the best candidates.  As human resource professionals, our hiring criteria for temporary staffing personnel mimic the exacting hiring process we use for our own in-house personnel.  All job applicants:

  • Submit resumes and fill out applications, which are closely scrutinized
  • Take thorough skills tests to determine the strength of their abilities, including specialized tests tailored for specific client needs, and any proprietary tests used by our clients
  • Have their employment histories, educations, and work references carefully verified
  • Per client needs, we conduct pre-employment drug tests, credit history checks, criminal background checks, and pre-employment physicals
  • Participate in a face-to-face interview in which they must demonstrate professionalism, great communication skills, in-depth knowledge of their field of work, and the numerous other traits we believe a person must possess in order to represent West Sound Workforce’s standards of excellence

Our extensive and thorough pre-screening, interviewing, testing, and background/reference checking processes ensure that only the top talent represent us as employees.  We are able to provide these excellent employees to clients with little to no notice, as we recruit on a continual basis and maintain a large database of pre-qualified applicants.

Points of Contact:

All questions should be sent to Monica Blackwood, President and owner of West Sound Workforce.

(253) 853-3633
Fax:  (253) 857-6652
Email:  monica@westsoundworkforce.com

Seaport-e Zones:

West Sound Workforce is a qualified prime contractor for Seaport-e in Zone 7: